Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Photographer Gigi Stoll recently traveled back to Africa taking herself, a camera, and the cotton voile gown from the Spring 2011 Camouflage collection inspired by her previous journey to Egypt.

“I traveled to Amboseli Park for a safari & stayed in the 'Tortelis Camp' in a big tent. The game drives were amazing with so many different animals. Next, I flew to Lamu Island on the east coast of Africa/Indian Ocean. 4 days in a Private house - the house had indoor/outdoor rooms with pink coral walls, beautiful Swahili architecture & furniture and a roof-deck overlooking the 1000 year old fishing village. I also stayed in the 'Ngong House' in Nairobi - a fabulous treehouse in the jungle.

My favorite parts: the Maasai tribe, the endless sky & land, the beautiful birds & elephants, the vibrant colors, the delicious meals and all the stories from people about survival & determination. Kenya has forever settled within my heart.” www.gigistoll.com